25 December 2014

Song Il Gook's triplet sons DaeHan MinGuk ManSe 삼둥이 대한 민국 만세

Song Il Guk's triplets Daehan Minguk Manse first came into the limelight when they were added into KBS' Superman Returns programme, starting from Episode 34, video below.

Christmas 2013 triplets photo

Christmas 2014

Triplets in Hana Card CF

Hana Card New Year greetings

Making of the 2015 desktop calendar, so popular that it was sold in the black market for 10x the original price!

Featured in paper Highcut Volume 138 of 2014

Korean triplets model for Duolac CF

The triplets first plane ride to Tokyo

Triplets soak in onsen in Japan, video link

The triplets won their very first award on 27 December 2014, at the KBS Entertainment Awards - Popularity Award, together with Haru, Sarang and the twins.

Triplets saw sharks in an aquarium and fed dolphins - video

  Triplets wearing presents from baseball player Ryu Hyun Jin.

 Skiing for the first time.

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