09 October 2013

Learn Korean Language Free Video Lessons

Knowing some Korean is most useful when shopping or asking for directions when in Korea. Learning the Korean language through watching videos is so much more fun and enjoyable than just reading a book or listening to mp3 audio. Arirang TV and EBS were the early ones to provide such Korean learning vidoes and by now there are several video series from each of the two. KBS has two great series with mp3 audio and by now has two video series called Pit-a-Pat Korean. Take your pick from all these great video resources from Korea's TV stations!

Recently, the Sejong Hakdang website collated what they called broadcasting classes but navigation is not so easy, so here is my listing.

A R I R A N G  T V

Arirang TV has quite a number of learn Korean programmes. The earliest that I am aware of is the 60-episode Let's Speak Korean Season 1 hosted by Ahn Chak Hee. While no longer available at Arirang's own website, you can find some of them at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQR7W6ZZY7k&hl
This was followed by a lengthy 130-episode season of Let's Speak Korean Season 2 hosted by Lisa Kelley and Stephen Revere. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbf-dHbvCRqZPKvnNlOVpozJPnEpKP6tX

When the LSK series was hosted by Lisa Kelly and Stephen Revere, the latter published his first book - Survival Korean. He has since published his second book - Survival Korean: Basic Grammar Skills.

After Season 2, fans of Stephen Revere could still see him at the other 25-episode programme called, Traveler's Korean. This program introduces Korea's attractions, history and culture along with helpful tips for travelers and handy traveler-friendly vocabulary. The show targets English, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish-speaking viewers with repetitive lessons designed to make learning Korean easy.Viewers can also learn about the behaviors, gestures and signals distinctive to Korea. After all, it's never easy to figure out what's acceptable or not in a new country. In the spirit of respecting different cultures, the program will also teach viewers what to watch out for in terms of etiquette." To watch, go to Traveler's Korean Season 1 Website 

Arirang Let's Speak Korean Season 3 with 60 episodes was hosted by Lisa Kelley and Kim Young.

Arirang TV also published a set of 2 books for this Season 3, simply titled Arirang Korean Basics 1 and Arirang Korean Basics . 

Arirang's LSK series took a break and Brian from FTTS hosted Homey Korean.
The 1st episode went on air on 8th Oct 2007 (Mon).
I wont be surprised if KNTO had sponsored this programme.
There is an animation segment called "Arari Show" with English, not Korean, subtitles.I shall not say more, watch for yourself. To quote Arirang's introduction :
"Enjoyable conversation with the Stars!! Learn everything there is to know about Korea.
New talk show with Korea's leading entertainers, HOMEY KOREAN!! If most education program on introducing Korea were dull with boring contents, HOMEY KOREAN is a new type of talk show like an episode out of a sitcom that will introduce Korea in a fun and exciting way! Leading Korean entertainer, Brian from the duo “Fly to the Sky" and his neighbor Chris: these two guys will introduce all there is to know about Korea through fun conversations making it easy for people to learn.
Based on their direct experiences and episodes in Korea, Brian and Chris will give answers to all questions that foreigners in Korea may be curious about, such as culture, travel, transportation, pop culture and so on.
Exciting talk show funnier than any other books, easier than any other Korean language programs, HOMEY KOREAN!! It will be the new way to introduce Korean tourist information and educate Korean language at the same time."

Then Let's Speak Korean Season 4, hosted by Lisa Kelley and Kim Young Chul, debut on 9 June 2008. Kim is a comedian on Korean gag shows and has written books in Korean on studying English.

Then on 18 Oct 2008, Traveler's Korean (Season 2) made a comeback teaching travel phrases in 4 languages. Brian (Fly To The Sky) is the host for the English version, comedian Jo Hye Ryun for Japanese version, broadcaster Son Mi Na for Spainish version and actress Kang Rae Yeon for the Chinese version.

To watch, go to Traveler's Korean Season 2

Arirang's Let's Speak Korean Season 5 debut on 19 July 2009.
This hour long per episode series is co-hosted by Lisa Kelly and Kim Young, who were the same two hosts for Season 3.
Season 5 is the first season using a game show format. Total of 26 episodes in Season 5.

Click to enlarge screencap.

E B S  T V

EBS is known as Korea's education broadcast station. For many years, EBS has broadcast programmes for those learning the Korean language. EBS even tailored Korean learning programmes for foreign women married to Korean men and is about the only TV station that teaches Korean through other languages besides English.  EBS used to require log in to view the videos but this requirement seems to have been removed.

Hello! 안녕하세요 2005 season (hosted by Richard Harris) : 130 episodes
Hello! 안녕하세요 2006 season (hosted by Beau Jackson) : http://home.ebs.co.kr/home2429/index.html and link to teaching points http://home.ebs.co.kr/home2429/board/1/501398/list?hmpMnuId=100

There are several programmes for foreign women married to Korean men. (1) http://home.ebs.co.kr/home4331/index.html 한국말 쉬워요 (meaning Korean language is easy) debut September 2006.
and (2) http://home.ebs.co.kr/home5894 여성 결혼이민자를 위한 한국어 (중급), intermediate level and taught in Chinese, Vietnamese and Russian. The latter debut on 19th November 2007 and each  episode is 30-minute long.

Another beginners' level Korean programme for foreigners (as opposed to women married to Korean men) debut on 3 Nov 2008. In truth, this programme is meant for Chinese, Vietnamese and Filipino women married to Korean men, since the 25-episode 30-minute weekly programme is taught through 3 languages; Chinese on Mon, Vietnamese on Tue and Tagalog on Wed. Watch the VOD and get the lecture notes at EBS Plus2  Videos also available as Youtube playlist

This continued to Intermediate level series which debut in January 2011

Then in 2012, EBS launched 함께하는 한국어 Together Korean which has a Youtube video playlist

There was even a learn Korean cum cooking programme. http://home.ebs.co.kr/home5579/index.html 한국말 요리쇼

K B S  T V

Both 2 seasons of KBS' Pit-a-Pat videos can be viewed at http://www.sejonghakdang.org/nuri/sjl/online/SJL_OnAirCourseL?crcClassIdx=166

Pit-a-Pat Season 1 Youtube playlist
The script for season 1 can be downloaded as PDF files but one by one just below the video for each episode from
Alternatively, register for a log-in ID and read as e-book at http://www.sejonghakdang.org/nuri/sjl/board/SJL_TextBookL/SJC002 (look for keywords -> 두근두근 한국어)

Pit-a-Pat Season 2 Youtube playlist
The script for season 2 can be downloaded as PDF files from http://www.korean.go.kr/09_new/edu/kteacher_dguen.jsp

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