19 October 2010

Korean SBS Drama Daddy's Girl is OK 괜찮아, 아빠 딸

Debuts 22 Nov 2010.
Director : Go Heung Sik
Scriptwriter : Han Joon Young
Cast : Moon Chae Won (Painter of the wind, Brilliant Inheritance, Lady Castle), Kang Min Hyuk (singer CN Blue), Lee Jung Gil, Jeon Tae Soo (Sungkyun Scandal), Donghae (Super Junior), Choi Ja Hye,

Even while Sungkyun Scandal is still airing, Jeon Tae Soo who is Ha Ji Won's brother, has landed himself in a new drama with SBS. He plays the baddie again !

Donghae from Super Junior debuts in this drama, which is his first.

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