22 October 2010

KBS Korean drama Mary stayed out all night Marry Me, Mary 매리는 외박중

Debuts on KBS on 8 November 2010.
Director : Hong Suk Gu
Scriptwriter : In Eun Ah
Cast : Moon Geun Young, Jang Geun Suk, Kim Hyo Jin, Moon Jung Hee, Kim Jae Wook
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Somehow the English title is different from the Korean version - Mary is still staying out at night.

"Mary Stayed Out All Night" is a co-production between South Korea and Japan. A girl named Wi Mae Ri (played by Moon Geun Young)who has not dated for a long time meets a death metal group vocal named Kang Mu Kyul (played by Jang Geun Suk) and begins a relationship with him. But a perfect man Byun Jung In (Kim Jae Wook) interferes in their relationship and this drama shows their lively love triangle.While Seo Joon (played by Kim Hyo Jin) is the ex-girlfriend of Kang Mu Gyul whose still have a good friendship to him even they broke up.

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