26 February 2009

Korean Movie Beanpaste 된장

Shin Hyun Joon 신현준, Lee Yo Won 이요원 and Kim Nam Gil (Lee Han) 김남길 have been cast in a new movie titled "soybean paste" 된장 (yup, as in 豆酱, Japanese 'miso', think 된장찌개).

Director : Lee Seo Goon 이서군
Scriptwriter : Jang Jin / Lee Seo Goon 장진 / 이서군
Movie is a mystery melo 미스터리 멜로 story revolving a deathrow criminal. Seems inspired by criminal, who before his death, must once again have a last taste of bean paste stew 된장찌개.

Shin Hyun Joon acts as the PD (prosecutor?) in search of the secret behind the bean paste, while Lee Yo Won and Kim Nam Gil act as lovers. The two have been earlier paired up for MBC drama, Queen Seon Deok 선덕여왕.


  1. since I saw KNG at queen seon deok< i'd really eager to see more movies which those 3 point stars(KNG,Lee Yo won, Shin Hyun Joon)play together..., specially KNG. eventhough Ilove so much if bidam's character is real inside KNG.

  2. i adore the role of LYW and KNG at Queen Seonduk. They made a great pair. I like their team up.^-^ I'm so much excited to see them as on screen couple again with this movie.

    Hopin they could have another series..experimenting another role or another lovestory where they will act out CHILDLIKE YET ROMANTIC couple. I believe, they can carry out such roles.

  3. is this for real? or outdated? or updated? i thought it was lee dong wook in this.

  4. This was posted a year ago, so outdated. Actors original cast have been changed. Yes, Lee Dong Wook is in this.